Boulder is underwater; I’m having a great time elsewhere

I was fretting about writing a blog post, but this email to my aunt pretty much sums it up.

It sounds like Grandma’s iPad may have vanished. I am really bummed that we can’t email her directly. I hope it turns up someplace unexpected.

Please give Grandma my love. I’m in Park City. Yesterday I rode my mountain bike at the Canyons all day. I met a nice man from Minnesota, and we rode together, which is safer and also more fun than being out there on the trail by yourself.
Today, I thought about riding, but honestly I’m ready for a “day of rest.” Also, this evening, my friend and I will do yoga in Park City and eat some sushi. Then tomorrow morning, we’ll do yoga in Sugarhouse and eat some brunch! Then I’ll pick up dad from the airport. Unfortunately, the Sugarhouse yoga studio doesn’t have showers, so I think I’ll come back to PC rather than picking dad up all “ripe” from the workout.
My aunt and uncle are prepping for a get-together for my aunt’s co-workers. My one errand for the day: pick up tapered candles. I think I can handle it! Otherwise, I think I’m going to putter around PC and maybe check out the outlets. That could be hazardous to my pocket book … but I’ll do my best to keep the damage to a minimum.
Colorado is basically flooded. Our house is fine, but it would not be possible for me to drive to our house even if I wanted to – the water from the overflowing creeks has made all travel in and out of the area impossible. I just read that I-25 is closed from 7 (north of Denver, south of us) all the way up to Wyoming. Can you believe it? You can see the latest info here:
I think I’m still sticking to my original plan – to drive to Fruita and then home via I-70. If nothing else, I know I can stay the night in Breckenridge if I don’t think I can make it through Golden. It sounds like the I-70 corridor is untouched.

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