Three ways to make eggs and beans more palatable in the morning

We’re doing the slow carb / “Four Hour Body” diet, which means a lot of eggs for breakfast. Like, three eggs every morning, plus beans. This can get to be a bit boring. My husband likes scrambled eggs with hot sauce; I don’t love hot sauce, but I do love fried eggs. I make them sunny side up and attempt to straddle that thin line between “practically cold yolks that can probably give you salmonella” and “oops, the yolks are completely solid and chalky and frankly kind of gross.” And then there are those beans, necessary for energy because we’re not eating grains and fruits and whatnot. King Soopers has helped us out here with their Simple Truth brand of beans – they sell a “Tri-Bean Blend” that, well, has three different beans, so it’s a little more palatable than just a big pile of one type of bean.

Timothy Ferriss would have you believe that eating some microwaved eggs, spinach, and beans from a can every morning is plenty tasty. Well, maybe for him. I need a little more pizzazz, or I can’t choke it down, and then I won’t have accomplished the “30 grams of protein in the first 30 minutes” principle. I’m sorry, but yes, I need to dirty a pan in the morning. I need my fried eggs, and I need a little more flavor than a pinch of salt can provide. Here are some of my go-tos.

Leftover greens – spinach, chard, kale, collard, whatever. But instead of microwaving up some frozen spinach (ugh), take the greens left over from last night’s dinner – the greens with sautéed or sweated onions mixed in. This is one of my favorite ways to add both veggies and flavor to breakfast. Unfortunately, I seem to have trouble cooking enough greens to regularly have leftovers … they’re so tasty that they get gobbled up as soon as I cook them.

Leftovers Wahoo’s Banzai Bowl, without rice of course. Or your 4HB-adapted leftovers from Chipotle or Qdoba. This stuff already has beans and whatever meat you chose, so it’s a great accompaniment to your eggs – and it has veggies, too. It is probable that the banzai sauce is not fully compliant, so if you can stick to not using it, more power to you.

Green Chili. This is my most common addition, just because you can buy it in a jar. To be completely straight with you, the flour (whether wheat or rice) used as a thickener isn’t strictly allowed. A couple of tablespoons over the eggs and beans make them a lot more interesting. A salsa verde would have a similar effect and could be completely legal.

So, yeah. You see here that I’m not 100% compliant, but my compromises are pretty small. I’m seeing results, and maybe I would see faster results without any thickeners or tiny tubs of banzai sauce, but this way, I can keep it up without gagging on my breakfast. Definitely worth it.

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