Happy memories of watching TV together and other things

Eric and I liked to binge watch TV shows together. Truth be told, as a rule, I was too antsy to sit through more than one show a night, but sometimes he was the antsy one, while I got into it and wanted to watch three in a row. It was tricky to find a series that we both liked. Most recently, it was Sense8 and then Elementary. We binge-watched The Americans, all the seasons out so far, a few months ago. We’d sit on the couch. The love seat, I guess they call it. Typically he’d have his side Read More

I never liked the story of Job

The day Eric died, I had a therapy appointment. In fact, given what he told me before I drove him to the ER, it’s likely that he was already experiencing intermittent symptoms of a heart attack while I was talking to my therapist. My car was at the office parking garage. I had walked about 10 blocks to the appointment, then stopped on the way back to get a B12 shot, and all the while, he had chest pain and his arms hurt and he knew something was wrong. He was afraid that if he had a problem with his Read More

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