T-1 Days

I am just bubbling over with excitement. Tomorrow is my last day of work before a three week vacation. I haven’t had this much time away from work in – well, since I was laid off eight years ago, and that didn’t exactly feel like a vacation. On Saturday, the bikes go on the car and I head out to Utah, first to visit my grandmother, then to ride my bike. No solid plans, although I’d like to hit up the Canyons lift-serviced trails while I’m there. Other options include XC trail riding, hiking, yoga – I’ll even bring my Read More

Dirt Dancing

One of my favorite things about a long weekend is that I can use the first day of the weekend to unwind, and I still have two full days to do fun, exciting stuff and arrive back at work not just rested, but also rejuvenated. To be honest, it doesn’t always work out – but it’s pretty fantastic when everything comes together. This Labor Day weekend was one of those times. I was able to take it easy on Saturday, then get in two days of downhill mountain biking – one solo day at Keystone, and one day with my Read More

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