Preface: 2015-2016 Season of Lessons

In May 2016, at the end of a wonderful and intense ski season, I had a bad fall at A Basin. I ruptured my ACL and damaged my meniscus. It’s now 6 months later, and I’ll be allowed to ski this season, but only “gingerly” – my doctor used that word several times – and on very gentle, groomed runs. Nothing like my usual playground of steeps, bowls, and trees. The graft takes over a year to reach full strength. This season is going to be tough. So, as part of my coping strategy, I’m re-publishing the lesson write-ups I Read More

RAID is not backup – or, how I learned to appreciate S3 storage

TL;DR: Amazon S3 is dirt cheap and easy to use. Unless you’re the kind of person who is still prioritizing privacy over convenience – and I love you guys, but I just don’t want to live that way anymore* – you might as well take advantage of its services. RAID is not backup. I knew this. Of course I knew it. But backing up data is a lot like eating kale – we all knows it’s good for you, but most of us would rather eat ice cream and hope for the best. And anyway, I had mirrored drives to Read More

TR: Downhilling at Keystone

@skiNEwhere and I seem to be a good pair – he’s more comfortable with wooden features; I’m more comfortable with drops. I have a fair amount of coaching and technical riding knowledge under my belt, but I get hung up on how scary a section looks; he will try a lot of things that I initially want to walk, and then I give some pointers and in the process often decide to try it, too. We push each other in good ways. I had my little-used GoPro attached to my handlebars and taking photos every two seconds. It was a Read More

Three ways to make eggs and beans more palatable in the morning

We’re doing the slow carb / “Four Hour Body” diet, which means a lot of eggs for breakfast. Like, three eggs every morning, plus beans. This can get to be a bit boring. My husband likes scrambled eggs with hot sauce; I don’t love hot sauce, but I do love fried eggs. I make them sunny side up and attempt to straddle that thin line between “practically cold yolks that can probably give you salmonella” and “oops, the yolks are completely solid and chalky and frankly kind of gross.” And then there are those beans, necessary for energy because we’re Read More

Taking Avy One

During the last weekend of 2014, I took the AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Course through Colorado Mountain School (CMS). I took it because, more and more, I’m becoming aware of the fact that safe ski slopes don’t just happen. There’s an enormous amount of science, engineering, and intuition – not to mention just plain hard work – that ski patrol puts into keeping skiers safe on the mountain. The more I ski “extreme” terrain at the resorts, the less comfortable I am with my own ignorance about the process. I also took the course because I want to understand more Read More


I have a friend who’s basically my one-man sangha – that is, my community of fellow travelers on a path of spiritual and emotional enlightenment consists of, well, him. And that’s cool. One thing that we talk about a lot is gratitude. I think gratitude actually comes pretty easily to me. I look around at the world and I see beauty everywhere. Does gratefulness require an indirect object? I feel gratitude without a sense of being grateful to a particular person or thing. To the universe, I guess. It feels like cheating, sort of. Too easy. My life has been Read More

NaNoWriMo – okay, maybe next year

I thought maybe this is the year it was going to happen. I wasn’t even going to follow the real rules. I was just going to post a meaningful blog or a book review consisting of more than a sentence or two every day. But then work happened. It’s some screwed up lesson, I think. I was on my high horse telling Eric that he needs to take better care of himself, that he shouldn’t work so much, and that surely there are other people at his office who can take up some of the slack. Is it coincidence that Read More

A quality of stillness

After yoga, I feel a quality of stillness in my body and my mind. It’s almost a dreamlike state, and yet, I seem more aware of my surroundings than usual – the hum of my computer’s fan; the sound of a dog sighing in the hallway. I feel like I am absorbing energy from the sunlight touching my skin. I feel at peace. Every movement feels deliberate and unrushed. I feel content but not overfull; at peace with a quiet sort of joy.

This is why I do yoga.

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